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Arkansas creek turns blood red: Should the public be concerned? You bet!

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If a creek or stream in your neighborhood turned "blood red," would you be concerned? Well, an Arkansas creek in Plateau Ditch did just that a year or so ago. Nothing like this had ever happened there before.

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Was this an isolated incident? No. Should the public be concerned? You bet!

The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), city workers, and F. H. Properties tried to determine the origin of the blood red water. One city worker “speculated” it might be mortar dye from construction at the hospital. What they did discover was, whatever the blood red water was, it "appeared" to be flowing from the direction of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS).

Even though at the time, the cause of the blood red water was uncertain, a press release was issued stating:

“The water in Plateau Ditch in the vicinity of UAMS is red due to a leak. This color is caused by a dye added to the UAMS hot water circulation system. The dye is not toxic or harmful. UAMS is "trying to find the water leak." Under usual operations, the "UAMS water circulation system does not connect into the City of Little Rock’s storm water system." According to ADEQ, this red dye does not constitute a safety or health hazard.”

A couple of questions come to mind:

  1. If UAMS was still “trying to find” the leak and did not know its origin, how could they say with certainty that this blood red water did not constitute a safety or health hazard?
  2. If, as stated, the UAMS water circulation system does not connect to the storm water system, how did the “supposed red dye” get into the water in the first place?

Perhaps if this was just an isolated incident and “blood red waters” weren't showing up all over the world with increasing frequency, it would be “no big deal,” but that is not the case. Just today, blood red water showed up in a river in Switzerland. Blood red water, red dust, and blood red skies even at night, are precursors of the coming Pole Shift.

Other signs of the coming Pole Shift are heating up as well, especially in the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ), of which Arkansas is a part.The people of Arkansas need to know that they are sitting on a ticking time bomb, as their well-being and perhaps their very lives could depend on it.

Recently, hundreds of earthquakes have been felt all along the NMSZ, which extends all the way from southern Illinois to northeast Arkansas. In addition to the increase in earthquakes, other signs of tectonic plate movement and adjustment in the Arkansas area include collapsing buildings, house explosions, natural gas explosions and oil spills, train derailments, crane collapse (at a nuclear facility), water main breaks, and of course, sinkholes.

You be the judge of that, especially if you live in Arkansas.