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Arkansas couple sets green example with the litter lap

Many people enjoy a daily walk. Some people include their friends and family in this routine. Larry and Elizabeth from Hot Springs, Arkansas, has made this daily routine so much more. It is now a rewarding experience, which includes a perk for the environment.

It all started as a final lap around a high school track they walk daily. They  would begin with the designated amount of laps around the track.  Then, on the final lap, a small bag would appear.  All of the litter from the field and bleachers would be put into the bag, and disposed of properly. Now it is apart of routine for them. Places they frequent, places they travel. The litter is removed and put in its proper place.

Most recently, on a trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennesee they could be seen on their daily walk. They were picking up litter along the way. Elizabeth says”Now we seldom get to pick up trash, because the school is now keeping the track and field litter free. We can still pick up recyclables the morning after football games and keep them out of the landfill. But the thing we like almost as much is keeping trash (and Styrofoam) out of the storm drains that drain into our lake."

Their son and daughter-in law from North Carolina have also began this practice. On their kayaking trips, they carry a bag along. They can be seen along the lakes picking up litter.

What a wonderful example to pass along to others.


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