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Arkansas and New York collaborate on state's second medical school

The New York Institute of Technology has established an osteopathic medical college at the Arkansas State University campus in Jonesboro. Osteopathic physicians are also surgeons.Osteopathy medicine is concerned with the manipulations of the body's joints and bones.

Moving from the big city to the big country would be a big transition for interns, but a great place to study and start a family.
Facebook: Brooklyn Cam/Cameron Haires
Culture shock and differences, and perhaps fear, keep urban medical residents from studying in the country
Facebook: Brooklyn Cam/Cameron Haires

The New York Institute of Technology near Times Square is a private, non-profit "transfer friendly" campus that "prepares students for today's most in demand careers." NYIT opened in 1955, has approximately 95,000 graduates, and ranked top tier among US colleges and universities in 2013 (US News and World Report.)

The Jonesboro campus is the second osteopathic medical college site for NYIT.

The plan to integrate city or urban doctors into rural and semi-rural areas of the nation has been discussed and promoted in terms of grants and scholarships for a while. The influx and overflow of doctors in city areas has left deep pockets of medical need in rural areas where special medicine, pediatrics for instance, are often managed by primary care family physicians.

Jonesboro, Arkansas, home of the Arkansas State University with a population just under 70,000 is an ideal location to increase the number of college educated residents in the city. There are 800 medical resident jobs available in clinics and hospitals in Arkansas.

Map of Arkansas.

The state’s larger cities, Little Rock, Fayetteville, Jonesboro, El Dorado, Texarkana and Hot Springs are comfortable transitions for students accustomed to fast-paced city environments. For the most part, students who choose Arkansas to study or practice medicine may not have a hard time working in rural hospitals and clinics, but living inside of rural areas can be a real bummer. Reliable transportation is the best antidote.

NYIT president Edward Guillano said that the campus in Jonesboro increases NYIT’s stature and “fits in line with” the schools “strategic plan” and its mission. He said the Jonesboro, Arkansas campus is the “fastest, least expensive and most efficient way” to start a medical school in a “place that critically needs one.”

One of the first mass school shooting incidents occurred in 1998 in Jonesboro. ASU-Jonesboro, new home to NYIT’s med school, has one of the nation's youngest presidents, Dr. Charles Welch. Welch presided at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia before rescinding the offer for the ASU campus.

Arkadelphia, like a number of semi-rural towns across the state would be considered a “sleepy town” for younger residents to live, but not necessarily to work or practice medicine and surgery.

Arkansas State University will donate a building to the NYIT campus. NYIT will finance the renovations. Long Island Newsday reports the initial start-up costs are $6 million and that students may begin enrolling in the 2016-2017 academic year.

Tuition remains $52,000 per year at the NYIT-Jonesboro campus. The official legislature transpired Saturday and NYIT is expected to announce the joint venture today.

The current governor of Arkansas, Mike Beebe (Democrat) is a noteworthy ASU alum.

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