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Arizona woman charged with egregious abuse and neglect of her dog

Tellez faces animal cruelty charges for the severe neglect and starvation of this young female dog.
Tellez faces animal cruelty charges for the severe neglect and starvation of this young female dog.
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office deputies charged Lucila C. Tellez on Thursday with one count of animal cruelty and failing to provide her dog with needed medical assistance, reported

Tellez, who lives in the city of Surprise, neglected the dog so badly that the adult female dog's skin would bleed when touched. Authorities state the dog suffered from an acute case of dermatitis almost over her entire body.

Tellez was booked and taken to jail.

The dog is now recovering at the Maricopa County MASH unit which tends to neglected and abused animals. Once a jail, the facility is now air conditioned and adapted to care for animals.

The dog is also being treated for tick fever.

Read more about this facility and how you can support this amazing organization by clicking here:

"Sheriff Joe Arpaio's no-kill animal shelter, MASH, was created to house and care for animals that have been abused or neglected by their caretakers and rescued by the Animal Crimes Investigations Unit. The purpose of the shelter is to provide a safe, healthy and healing shelter for these tragic animals, who must necessarily await the outcome of their owners' cruelty cases in court. Hopefully, their ultimate outcome will be adoption into loving, permanent homes."

As to this case, Sheriff Arpaio stated:

"This abuse is disturbing. The suspect who neglected this dog will have to answer for her cruelty."

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