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Arizona to Implement Jim Crow Laws for Gays

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Sitting on Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's desk is a bill waiting for her signature that would allow people, schools and businesses to refuse service to gay people and place "No Gays Allowed" signs in front of their establishments. These Jim Crow type actions are viewed as discriminatory by most of the United States. Republican Senator John McCain even spoke out saying "I hope Governor Brewer will veto SB1062"

Three Arizona Republican lawmakers who voted in favor of this bill wrote to the governor asking her to veto it saying “I was not comfortable with the vote,” Worsley told the Associated Press. And continued to say "I feel very bad and it was a mistake.” Tragically, had these three state senators not voted for the bill in the first place, it would not have even made it to the Governor's desk.

Actor George Takei recently wrote "Your taxi drivers can refuse to carry us. Your hotels can refuse to house us. And your restaurants can refuse to serve us."

In 1993, Arizona was scheduled to host the Super Bowl, but it was moved to California after the state refused to recognize Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. That grave mistake cost the state $500,000,000. Once again, the Super Bowl is scheduled to be hosted in Arizona next year, but millions are already calling for a relocation of the event.

Nine other states tried passing these laws, however in all nine, the proposed law was abruptly shut down. Governor Brewer has until Friday to decide whether she will sign the bill. In a recent interview, she said "I need to explore it" indicating that she has yet to make up her mind.

Those who wish to ask her to veto the bill can call her office at 602-542-4331 or tweet her at @govbrewer

UPDATE 2/25/14: Five state senators that originally voted in favor of the bill have asked the governor to veto the bill. In addition, the National Football League has threatened to relocate the Super Bowl next year if the bill is signed into law and Apple has said it would not be able to build their Glass Factory in Arizona if the bill is signed.

UPDATE 2/26/14: Governor Brewer just announced that she has vetoed Senate Bill 1062. It is officially dead.

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