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Arizona State University West's Dorms Haunted Continued

A student named, Sarah, was on a break from school visiting her family. She came home to see her roommate in a mess and in a panic. Her room mate told her that weird occurrences happened while Sarah was gone.

During the first occurrence, her room mate heard a buzzing sound coming from Sarah's bathroom area. She walked into the bathroom to find Sarah's electronic toothbrush going off. No one else lives in the dorm room with them. Her room mate shut it off and went back into her room.

The second occurrence was while Sarah's room mate had left the door open to their dorm. Her room mate was in her room and heard a dish clatter in the sink. Her room mate thought that someone had walked into their dorm, but when she came out to investigate, no one was there. She was alone in their dorm.

Now, she will call or text Sarah before she steps foot into their dorm. She is terrified of the dorm and will not go in unless Sarah is there with her.

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