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Arizona shooting highlights futility of force

Giffords meeting with Commandant of the University of Arizona
Giffords meeting with Commandant of the University of Arizona


  • Profile picture of JohnF_Boulder_Co
    JohnF_Boulder_Co 5 years ago

    So a person who defends themselves and their loved ones against a violent attacker, and they use violence to do so, only end up destroying their own families?
    They accomplish nothing by shooting an attacker so that their family can walk away that night?

    The Falantil of East Timor who took up arms against a genocidal government force, they did noting useful? The natives of Bouganville island, who took up arms against Papua New Guinea and corporate interests and Oz, to defend their lives and homes and land, might as well have shot their own families themselves for all the good they did?
    It happens, you know.

    The only justification for use of force is in defense. Period.
    If everyone agreed and lived that way, we'd be fine.

    This nutcase broke the rules, as does anyone who tries to use force unjustly.

  • Misterioso 5 years ago

    I think the Ayn Rand book is "We The Living" -- not "Atlas Shrugged". Big difference.

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