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Arizona's Senator Jeff Flake's son on duty the night 17 dogs perished in Gilbert

Senator Jeff Flake's son and daughter-in-law were in charge of the boarding facility while the owners were out of town. Seventeen dogs died.
Senator Jeff Flake's son and daughter-in-law were in charge of the boarding facility while the owners were out of town. Seventeen dogs died.
Tragedy at Green Acre Boarding FB page

Austin Flake and his wife, the son and daughter-in-law of United States Senator Jeff Flake, were in charge of caring for the dogs at a Gilbert Green Acre dog boarding facility where 17 dogs perished from heatstroke on Friday reported

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office investigation is still calling it an accident, and says it appears as if one of the dogs had chewed through drywall and reached electrical wiring responsible for the air-conditioning. According to the owners, the power went out sometime between late Thursday night and early Friday morning. The dog owners were not told until Saturday morning, and some of the owners were told that their dogs had managed to escape.

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One owner was told his dogs had dug their way out, but while the family was out searching for their dogs, their cherished pets had already died and were later found in a rear shed of the facility.

A petition has been started, and perhaps the following questions the dog owners continue to ask may soon be answered:

"1. How can dogs die from the heat, when they were supposedly only left alone in a home from 11pm to 530am, there were two of three functioning A/C units, and it was only 80 degrees out?

2. Why did the owners of Green Acres fly back to Arizona, and get to their facility before notifying any of the dog's owners?

2. Why did the owners of Green Acres wait over 24 hours before notifying the owners of the dogs?

3. Why were the families initially told the dogs had run away?

4. Why were the dog's bodies stack like wood in the shed? Were they going to try and hide the bodies?

5. Why are other families now coming forward with other horror stories of their animals being abused at this facility?

In a statement, Senator Jeff Flake expressed his sorrow about the tragic loss of so many treasured dogs:

“I learned of this tragic accident yesterday. I can't imagine the devastating loss these families are experiencing. My heart goes out to the owners who lost their beloved pets."

More answers are promised for the grieving families; in the meantime, a memorial service is planned for all of the families, friends, and supporters who wish to attend. Please check the Facebook page, The Tragedy at Green Acre Dog Boarding for details.

There have been no charges filed as people all wait for answers.

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