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Arizona's primary winners, avoid slinging mud and offer up solutions instead

The Arizona Primary is underway and once the final vote is tabulated Arizona will know who the candidates, vying for various offices, will be. Tomorrow the victors of today’s race will begin launching their campaigns in hopes of winning in November’s general election.

The winners of today’s race will now move on to self promotion while vigorously attacking the character and credentials of their rivals. Unfortunately the issues that Arizonans want addressed will get lost in the muck.

It’s a game played every election cycle by every candidate on either side of the aisle, and it’s one that shows no sign of changing. While character does indeed count, voters are far more interested in who is best qualified to tackle the issues Arizonans face. Candidates must be able to competently confront real problems, for example; Arizona currently stands at nearly 10% unemployment; our public schools are an embarrassment, nationally we rank 46; border issues continue to make headlines and services endure more cuts.

So while the gossip generated by either side does make for juicy water cooler conversation it does nothing to promote solutions to the growing concerns of today; and when all is said and done that is what voters are desperate for, tangible, reasonable, solutions.


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