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Arizona's governor weighs her options on a discriminatory bill

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer returned home on Tuesday and was welcomed by several prominent Republican politicians urging her to veto Senate Bill 1060. The bill is a two page bill which would give businesses the right to refuse services to members of the gay community as well as other individuals based on the business owner's religious beliefs.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
Associated Press

Both Republican U.S. senators from the state of Arizona have publicly condemned the bill and requested the governor to veto it. Apple Computer and American Airlines were two of the major businesses based in Arizona urging the governor to veto the bill. The most prominent objection to the bill came from the National Football League. The 2015 Super Bowl is scheduled to be held in the state of Arizona, but according to officials of the NFL, they will be watching the situation closely in regard to the controversial bill and will be making a decision based on whether the bill becomes law in Arizona.

Jan Brewer stated in an interview just before boarding the plane for her flight to Arizona:

“I can assure you, as always, I will do the right thing for the state of Arizona,” Brewer told CNN in an exclusive interview at the site of the National Governors Association meeting in Washington.

“I'm going to go home, and when I receive the bill, I'm going to read it and I'm going to be briefed on it. We have been following it. And I will make my decision in the near future,” Brewer told CNN.

“I have a history of deliberating and having an open dialogue on bills that are controversial, to listen to both sides of those issues, and I welcome the input, and information that they can provide to me. And certainly I am pro-business, and that is what's turning our economy around, so I appreciate their input, as I appreciate the other side,” Brewer said.

Three of the state senators which voted in favor of SB 1060 have since gone on record as "Prominent Republicans" urging the governor to veto the bill. State Senator Steve Pierce has appeared on several news outlets and stated that the bill was a mistake. While appearing on "The Last Word" with Lawrence O'Donnell, Pierce stated that he originally never saw the discriminatory nature of the bill. The bill was originally touted as a "Religious Freedom" bill.

Governor Brewer has stated that she has until Friday or Saturday morning to make a decision on whether or not she will veto the bill. All the people mentioned in the article has already made a decision. Ed Schultz on "The ED Show" said it best on his Wednesday broadcast. He said, "Governor, do you have to wait until Friday to decide on discrimination?"


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