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Arizona Monument Wildfire - the Sierra Vista community requests help

Coffee is a lucky dog who was lost, and then found.  ;)
Coffee is a lucky dog who was lost, and then found. ;)
Monument Fire Pets (Facebook Page)

Over the past few weeks amazing things have been happening on Facebook. Between the Wallow Wildfire Facebook pages and recently the Monument Fire pages - an enormous community of people have appeared out of community tragedy. The humanity and kindness shown to one another, and the generosity between neighbors, communities, and friends is extraordinary.

Sierra Vista is still a place where a growing number of people and animals have been displaced. Yesterday was a bad day for fire crews and 1,700 residents were evacuated. Every single community can give Sierra Vista a hand as they anxiously support each other.

Do you know of any high school students in Gilbert (or nearby) who are in need of community service hours? Below is a list of organizations that would be eternally grateful for the extra hands. No experience required. Sierra Vista is 175 miles south east of Gilbert.

Organizations asking for help:

4 PAWS INN (520) 378-7176 TEMPORARY LOCATION: Buena H.S.

Volunteers NEEDED at Buena today!!!! THIS IS AN URGENT NEED! They are set up at the Auto Mechanics shop at the back of the school. Help needed with walking dogs, feeding, etc...

Facebook page


SHARON GREY (520)432-2625 or (520)-237-8135613 Arizona St., Bisbee In desperate need of old sheets, towles or even t-shirts, a kennel or fencing and possibly transport to one of the fairgrounds for ducks & chickens. They have relocated 100+ animals.


PETS WEST (520) 459-4215 3880 E. Fry Blvd. In the plaza with Hasting's is accepting donations of leashes, collars, toys, nylabones, bones etc. They are working closely with the animal shelter set up behind the fed ex building. They are particularly looking for things for large dogs to make them feel more comfortable and a little less stressed!

Facebook page

(520) 678-0360 LOCATION: Guilio Cesare (between SR90 and Charleston Rd.)

Horses need watering and help with cleaning is needed.



VCA APACHE ANIMAL HOSPITAL (520) 458-0930 LOCATION: 2145 S. Hwy. 92 (Across from The Mall at Sierra Vista)

Volunteers are needed in the mornings and evenings, they are good for today but need volunteers beginning Tuesday (6/21/2011) and through the rest of the week. Please call, ask for Barb, to be put on the list. They have 20 cats and 30 dogs there.

website, Facebook page


NEW FRONTIER ANIMAL MEDICAL CENTER (520) 459-0433 LOCATION: 2045 Paseo San Luis (Behind the Windemere Hotel)

Please call the volunteer coordinator after 10:00 a.m. to be scheduled to help at one of their 3 facilities.




They have opened an online donation site using Chipin

payments processed through Paypal.

Show them some Facebook love


CARE FOR THE HORSES Ann Jost (520)378-0896 and/or (520) 559-2224

Paypal donations can be made through their website

Facebook Page


GOIN' TO GRANDMA'S (520) 378-6000 LOCATION: 6967 E. Dakota Rd., Hereford

They are fully staffed and have plenty of supplies.

They suggest making a donation to The Cochise County Humane Society

Cochise County Humane Society Facebook link

Goin' to Grandma's website


Anyone with pet bird concerns or questions about them can call us. We can board a few. We are in Tucson.



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