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Arizona Lock & Key Mobile Service

Arizona Lock & Key will be right there to assist in 15 minutes or less
Arizona Lock & Key will be right there to assist in 15 minutes or less

Imagine those mornings when everything is going perfect, your spouse kisses you on the cheek before leaving for work; the children are safely put onto the bus; and Rover is brought into the house once again; and you even remember to turn off the coffee pot. Just as you get closer to opening your car door that smile turns into the combination of frustration and fear especially when hearing the front door close. Your car keys and your only house key have just been locked inside all safe and sound. What do you do? No time to get frustrated or frantic, use the nearest phone and contact Arizona Lock & Key.

Who is Arizona Lock & Key?

They are an excellent team that will be right there to help anyone having trouble with locks whether it is home, car, or business. This team of professional and experienced locksmith personnel will be there to assist within 15 minutes or less. They provide excellent service in the form of helping with lockouts and considering the above scenario that’s a perfect way to get indoors, obtain your car keys, and be off to work all for a reasonable fee.

Not only do they provide that type service there is much more the staff can do. If customers are in the need of having locks rebuilt whether they are residential or business, they provide the service to ensure the security. If ever there is an emergency of a vehicle theft and repairs are needed, Arizona Lock & Key can perform a service repair to ensure your car locks are new and not tampered with.

The company also makes specialty keys for consumer security. Everyone works and a large amount of people will travel so there are very helpful keys that can be made for your vehicles to assist. For example, walking through the parking lot with groceries it would be great to have a transponder key that could turn on the engine. Another helpful option is using a smart key or proximity key as it will help in locating your vehicle should you be in a large mall parking lot. There are other options of these type items to choose that business owners can take advantage of when walking through an airport lot as they will help obtain a vehicle with ease and security.

Of course everyone does their best to keep keys alongside their person but every so often when we get rushed things happen and we can become flustered. It’s okay because we are all human and there is a wonderful company who can help us, Arizona Lock & Key. Call them at 520-484-3391 the next time you are in need of a helpful, friendly locksmith service!