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Arizona leaders play blame-game, but get it wrong

Pima County Sheriff
Pima County Sheriff

While investigators continue to investigate the tragic shooting that took place in Tucson last Saturday, leaders in Arizona have eagerly jumped on the main stream media’s overblown, detrimental, blame- game wagon.

Only hours after the shooting took place, Pima County Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik argued that the “vitriol” of the Country's harshly polarized political climate was partly to blame, arguing that “unbalanced individuals are uniquely "susceptible" to vitriol.”

In response to Dupnik’s highly publicized statement, state senator Jack Harper accused the Sheriff of not providing adequate security saying, “If he would have done his job, maybe this doesn't happen, sheriff Dupnik did not provide for the security of a U.S. congresswoman.” [sic]

The truth is that both the senator and the sheriff are wrong. The blame belongs to Jared Loughner. He alone is the reason a beautiful 9-year-old little girl and five others tragically lost their lives. He is the reason that Representative Gabrielle Giffords remains in the hospital, fighting for her life. He entered the Safeway parking lot Saturday morning with murderous intent and it is he alone who succeeded in carrying it out.

Of course it is easier to place the blame on the contentious political climate or an ideology because that makes for better television ratings and political posturing. However, the reality is that in our society there are, unfortunately, individuals who choose to commit horrendous crimes that cannot be explained, except to the warped mind of the perpetrator.

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