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Arizona has massive influx of undocumented immigrants

Reported yesterday, June 6, according to a written statement from Governor Jan Brewer, the state of Arizona discovered that the “United States Department of Homeland Security is transporting thousands of illegal aliens and releasing them at bus stations in Tucson and Phoenix.” Brewer’s letter details many concerns and questions the large influx of undocumented aliens in a state that is already overwhelmed with border control issues.

The statement reveals more than 1,000 will be unaccompanied alien children (UACs) , which are expected to arrive in Arizona today and tomorrow; and be processed and transported to multiple locations across the nation. However, no information has been provided for the number of adults and family units that will also be shipped to Arizona, according to Brewer’s letter.

She said, “I am disturbed and outraged,” at the Obama administration to continue implementing this “dangerous and inhumane policy, while neglecting to answer crucial questions our citizens demand and deserve.” Brewer reported there is no official end date for this operation. Additionally, she “reached out to Federal Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson for answers,” and will keep “reiterating” her “call on President Obama to secure” Arizona southern border, requesting to “terminate” the current shipping and processing of undocumented aliens “immediately.”

Andy Adame, U.S Arizona Border Patrol said, “we have the manpower down here,” and said they could see a higher level of migration through that area if more plane loads continue. With no clear answers why the high influx is happening, the current process allows food and traveling supplies; while immigrants are trying to join other family members who live throughout the U.S.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told news reporters that immigrants have 15 days to report to their local ICE or they will be classified as fugitives, said Frank Morals from 12 News.

But questions remain as to why this is happening: Some say it’s for humanitarian efforts, others not so sure.

Bob Dane, Communications Director for the Federation For American Immigration Reform (FAIR) said, the Obama administration has yet to answer how this large influx is considered a humanitarian crisis. He said, what really needs to happen is that “Congress needs to step-up to the plate, because this is a crisis for the U.S. to control, and enforce the current immigration laws,” Dane said. “The problem isn’t the direction the illegal immigrants are moving into - it’s “they’re all surging now in the promise of amnesty.”

According to data reports from FAIR, Arizona is weighted down with “47 percent of all illegal border crossing into the U.S. from Mexico.” Furthermore, from 2001 to 2010, revealed more than 1,200 illegal aliens on average were arrested in one day in Arizona. And between 1996 and 2010, the report details “illegal alien population in Arizona grew to 213 percent.” Which appears to leave taxpayers with a hefty cost.

Dane said there are two steps that Congress can take to help Arizona ease the influx of thousands of illegal immigrants, which are; “one -- enforce the existing immigration laws, and two -- protect jobs for U.S. workers.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates as of April 2014 that Arizona has 6.4 percent for a seasonal unemployment rate. In 2011, FAIR estimated that 278,460 illegal aliens were working in Arizona, and was approximately 9.3 percent of the total workforce.

Currently, Arizona feds continue shipping immigrants from Texas to Phoenix placing demands on the state to ship medical and other supplies. According to NBC, Andrew Wilder, spokesman for Brewer said, “the regional director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency was being dispatched to Arizona.” Adding, there “are no signs to stop” flying migrant children, and families to Arizona. Previously, Homeland Security made a public statement that, migrants that are arrested in South Texas will be dealt with “on a case by case basis.” Currently there are no details as to why hundreds of migrants are being shipped to Arizona.

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