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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed three pro gun bills

Arizona failing
Arizona failing
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The Governor, who is protected by armed bodyguards and whose office screens for weapons, vetoed HB 2339 which would have allowed CCW permit holders to carry in public (state and local government) facilities that do not screen for weapons.

While this veto is certainly not welcome, one can understand the veto on monetary grounds. Since the sign age on ‘Posted Premises’ carries the full weight of the law in Arizona, Brewer is just saving money. So the veto of this bill changes nothing. Maybe next session?

Governor Brewer also vetoed HB 2517 which would have added penalties for cities and counties violating state firearms preemption laws. And those penalties would have been hefty. Not only for the cities like Tucson, but several others that have sprung up in the Phoenix area. A high portion of residents are ex CA residents, who have left the disaster of a state they helped create and now they want to invoke those same principles in AZ. With the veto of this bill, cities and municipalities can ignore the Arizona preemption law without consequence.

Florida actually passed such a bill several years ago because of cities and municipalities making laws violating the States preemption law. When the law actually has teeth, the cities fall into line quickly, especially when council board members who vote to violate the state preemption law can be held accountable PERSONALLY in fines to be paid out of their personal accounts.

The sad part about this veto is, it would not have cost the State of Arizona a dime if passed.

On April 23, Governor Brewer vetoed HB 2338, which would have made it an Aggravated Assault if someone took, or attempted to take, your legally possessed firearm from you. In her veto letter the Governor said current law, which makes grabbing your firearm the equivalent of a punch in the nose, is sufficient.


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