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Arizona Gov. Brewer wants to trim budget through cuts to free health care



  • Ray 6 years ago

    typical conservative view...all for one and none for anyone else. greedy, greedy, greedy...

  • Tony Vicich 6 years ago

    Typical con and pub garbage.You only want to enforce the laws you like. We have a law in place, voted on by the people of this state. Yet Brewer wants to simply not implement it. It is time to kink the cowboy cons who have ran this state back to their ranches. New century, new blood.

  • azcIII 6 years ago

    Where does it say that a citizen must pay for another citizen's health care? Please, tell me, because I can't find that anywhere...but I did run across this thing called the 13th Amendment that outlawed slavery. Slavery=forcing a person to work for the benefit of another. Explain to me how forcing taxpayers, at the point of the government gun, to pay for any welfare benefits is anything other than legalized slavery? Voluntary personal charity (where you take money from your own pocket and give it to others) and mandatory tax-funded welfare (where the government takes money from you by force to give to others) are NOT THE SAME THING!!! Politicians use that $ to buy votes.

    I don't mind helping people get on their feet, but too many CAN afford health care and choose to buy other things. Asking them to pay something for it is not unreasonable, unfair or greedy.

    We either cut costs or raise taxes. Reality bites. High taxation kills jobs, folks. AZ can't afford more job loss now.

  • datadog 6 years ago

    Tony and Ray lets just let it go to the voters guys. Oh! by the way what's your idea on how to pay for and unfunded law. I believe that if someone is very poor they can get health care anyway. The hospital bills people and people don't pay it, after 7 years it drops off your credit report. A lot of people in the system don't belong there and are there by fraud. I know I have witnessed it myself. Working people are tired of paying for others health care when ACCESS is better than what WE CAN BUY! Even better require community volunteering hours 2/week to qualify anyone for welfare benefits. Except seniors and the physically challenged. Starting with all families receiving benefits for more than 4 years. I'm not talking about unemployment payments, those were earned at, dare I say it, a JOB!

  • Idiot Jones 6 years ago

    Hey Bill, Wanna go to the White Hen for an apple slice and a Tahitian Treat?

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