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Arizona ghost hunter travels: Man finds 'ghost' at Walnut Hill Cemetery

Walnut Hill Cemetery is a lovely historic cemetery to visit.
Walnut Hill Cemetery is a lovely historic cemetery to visit.
Courtesy of Marcia of Find a Grave

Imagine being the caretaker at the old Walnut Hill Cemetery in the winter of 1918. The old burial ground was founded in the Hamilton Township near Columbus, Ohio in roughly the year of 1816. The cemetery still stands and Arizona cemetery lovers can find its location on the south side of Rathmell Road about .3 of a mile west of Lockbourne Road. It is a lovely churchyard cemetery situated behind Walnut Hill Methodist Church.

It was very dark on that chilly January evening. Caretaker Davis never believed in ghosts until he was confronted with a spooky experience as he made his rounds on the primitive pathways. Davis was strolling through the cemetery when he happened to see a figure that looked like a man sitting on a large tombstone. There was no movement coming from the ‘specter’ so the caretaker bravely approached the granite grave marker to make a closer inspection. He was startled, but relieved, to see that the ‘ghost’ turned out to be a man with only a blanket draped over his shoulders. His clothes were lying in a tidy pile at his feet.

As Davis approached the tombstone, the figure stood up and asked if the referee was coming. Davis scratched his head and told him he didn’t know, but would go hunt him. However, the man informed him that is was unnecessary and said he just wanted to have a little boxing match.

Caretaker Davis immediately escorted the delusional man to the local county jail. After a quick examination of his clothing, it was discovered the ‘statue ghost’ was carrying enlistment papers for the army and was most likely heading for a stint overseas in the battles of World War l. Instead, the promising soldier was held for an inquest for lunacy.

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