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Arizona ghost hunter travels: Ghost Tour of Old Town Albuquerque

Tour guide Meredith
Tour guide Meredith
Photo by Debe Branning

Old Town Albuquerque was founded in 1706, over seventy years before the United States dreamed of becoming a country. It has flourished on the banks of the Rio Grande River for many centuries. Now you can discover historic Old Town too, with a variety of tours that will educated you with the history of the Duke City, or arouse your senses of the paranormal with a haunting ghost tour along the darken streets and alleyways.

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Courtesy of Ghost Tour of Old Town Albuquerque

The tour guides for the History & Ghost Tours of old Town, Albuquerque are easy to find. Just look for their Ticket Window Tour Booth in the Old Town Plaza Don Luis. Our guides, Meredith and Lin, were anxious to give our group the ‘fright’ of our lives…and we were ready to learn the history and mystery of Albuquerque’s 13 major ghosts.

The tour's first stop was near the corner of Romero and South Plaza where we learned the ghostly tale of a lady of the evening—Scarlet. She has been often seen dressed in a purple party dress pacing the balcony rooftop of the Old Manuel Springer Mansion. Walking around the block the tour group trekked down a dark alley to the back of the building and heard about Scarlet’s appearance near the heavy wooden doors…so beware of women you may see along the pathway with a distance look in her eyes.

The La Placita Dining Rooms is located in an 1880 hacienda originally known as Casa Armijo. Witnesses have seen the ghost of a young girl with dark hair wearing a white beaded dress. The girl often appears in the mirrors of the ladies’ restroom—perhaps once part of her bedroom.

As the group strolled near the Herman Bueller Mansion---now the Hacienda Restaurant, our guide Meredith told us the chilling tale of the Hatchet Lady. With several stables nearby, the quiet, dark area was used by many lovers as the perfect spot for a bit of old fashion ‘spooning’ under the moon light. But when one of the Armijo daughters caught her finance in the arms of another woman, it was more than she could tolerate. In a rage, she grabbed an ax and hacked her fiancé to death. Today, if a couple is strolling in a romantic way after the midnight hour, they just might encounter the wrath of the Hatchet Lady.

Another one of the tour groups favorite spots was the Capilla de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. This small chapel is off the beaten path and created by Sister Giotto Moots and the Sagrada Arts School in 1969. On at least three occasions, a mysterious Lady in Black has been seen sitting in the chapel praying and sobbing. Nobody seems to know who she might be and why she finds relief in the Chapel. It is said if you sit in the middle seat along the wall, you may feel her presence.

After visiting several more locations along the 90 minute tour, our guides led us back to the Old Town Fountain at the Plaza Don Luis. It was there we learned we were resting on what was once Albuquerque’s first cemetery. So be careful where you step as you begin your quest for seeking the ghosts of Old Town. Be sure you have your camera and recorder ready for anyone...or anything that joins your tour group that is not so easy to explain! Happy haunting!

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Ghost tours are held nightly at 8:00 P.M

Ghost Tour of Old Town Albuquerque
303 Romero Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104
Call 505-246-8687

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