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Arizona Diamondbacks sell $25 corn dog at Chase Field

Arizona Diamondbacks
Arizona Diamondbacks
Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

The Arizona Diamondbacks will be selling a $25 corn dog at Chase Field and have named it the D-Bat Dog. ESPN reports on March 18 that the special corn dog is 18 inches long and comes with fries. Despite the cost of the new food item, CEO Derrick Hall states that Chase Field has some of the most affordable prices compared to others.

The $25 corn dog will have bacon, cheddar cheese and jalapenos inside in addition to being surrounded by fries. Two containers of chipotle ketchup and spicy mustard will be available on the side. Hall argues that fans like unique items, and the D-Bat Dog may prove to be a popular addition at the concession stands.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are not the first team to sell large corn dogs for $25, and the high prices have not stopped fans from buying them in other areas. The team is also offering cheaper and smaller options for $10 and $7. The $10 version, named the Venom Dog, is only 12 inches and is actually a habanero sausage with multiple toppings. The $7 version, named the Sonoran Dog, is a hot dog wrapped in bacon with toppings.

The $25 price tag may turn away some fans, but it is not the most expensive food option in baseball. The Texas Rangers have a $26 Murph-A-Dilla that features a giant quesadilla with toppings, and Doritos chips are included.