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Arizona attempting yet another Senate Bill encouraging hate and discrimination

discrimination may bite you in the end
move on

Monday, February 24,2014, Governor Brewer will review Senate Bill 1062, the highly controversial bill which allows and legalizes discrimination of homosexual customers, renters and congregants using religious liberty as a reason. In a totally different state a same-sex couple sued a photographer for denying to give them their wedding photos citing religious disagreement of same-sex marriage. Although it is a right of every business owner and organization to determine who they will serve or discriminate against, we have moved past the "White Ladies Only" signs. This bill flies in the face of civil justice and common sense legislature.

The United States complains about the anti-gay rhetoric of the Winter Olympics in Russia. The United Nations and President Obama work to convince President Museveni of Kampala, Uganda not to sign an anti –gay bill written by the Parliament which includes harsh penalties and death sentences. Arizona and its radical “conservative” Republicans have written yet another highly volatile discriminatory bill, SB1062.

The Senate Bill 1062 according to the Center for Arizona Policy is not discriminatory in any way. This bill allows the right of any business, church, or person to cite the law as a defense in any legal action brought by the government claiming discrimination. It also allows business or individuals to seek an injunction once they show their actions are based on a sincere religious belief and the claim places a burden on the exercise of their religion.

The founders of this Republican backed bill are Senator Yarbrough of Chandler as well as The Center for Arizona Policy’s, whose mission is defending life (anti-abortion), marriage and family (anti-same sex marriage and the children of those couples), and religious liberty. For the lineal thinker this bill is nothing more than the sign posted in many service industries, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”. Although this is usually reserved for those of abusive or destructive nature who are asked or escorted out by the police department, which is the right of any business owner. This right already exists so why would this Senate Bill cite religious liberty in the right to refuse serve?

As an anti-gay legislation one would ask how discrimination in the name of religious convictions could take up the time of the State legislature. Why would this bill even come to light in a state attempting to come back from negative revenue caused by the dissatisfaction of Arizona’s “welcoming nature” of SB1070…the immigration nightmare of “prove you are an American” doctrine.

Nazi Germany used triangles and pyramids colored to distinguish individuals as homosexual male (pink), anti-social or lesbian (black), Jewish (yellow), Jehovah Witness (purple) which included any religion not of the Orthodox Catholic Church, and while we are classifying, (green) emigrant or illegal. So with this bill the state of Arizona has yet again fallen off the moral code and created yet another example of total intolerance for anyone not following the twisted view of their unique secular form of Christianity. How exactly could anyone use religion to refuse service if it were not apparent this was written as a blank check to discriminate? Jews, Mormons, Unitarians and liberal faiths watch out. It could be you that is asked to move, leave or refused service. Bills like this are a slippery slope, biting off more than even the crafter could imagine.

Many faith leaders from all religions around the valley are cautioning Governor Brewer to veto this bill. The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix is “Standing on the Side of Love.” The faith leaders are asking that you be a voice of reason and call Governor Brewer letting her know that you stand for equality, love and tolerance and want this bill vetoed. We still respect the right of any business, church or individual to refuse service to those who present danger to customers, congregants and family when dealing with a person whose intent is to harm, but do not stand for refusal of service based on discrimination of a person’s color, religion, sexual orientation or disability, age or gender. This is still America even in the state of Arizona. Call Governor Brewer this Monday morning at 602-542-4331. Arizona needs to be back on track to be welcoming and tolerant thereby creating an atmosphere of harmony…it’s just good business not to mention the moral thing to do.

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