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Ariz. state legislator Kwasman didn’t fact check: Calls YMCA children migrants

Today, protesters lined the streets in Arizona waiting to show their extreme opposition to the bussing of migrant children to shelters. But one state legislator, Adam Kwasman, who decided to join the anti-immigration group, and make a speech, was also anxiously waiting for migrant busses to roll through, instead called-out a YMCA bus with children heading to camp. He later retracted a tweet, “Bus coming in. This is not compassion. This is the abrogation of the rule of law.

However when a local reporter caught up with him later, Kwasman said he saw the bus loaded with migrant children, with sad faces. But the reporter had to break the news to Kwasman, on camera, that he was wrong and it was loaded with local children heading to the YMCA camp. The Arizona representative quickly apologized.

Maybe he didn’t have enough coffee that morning, or simply his source was so amped to protest anything on immigration, that none of them double-checked it was the right bus.

“I was able to actually see some of the children in the busses, and the fear on their faces, this is not compassion,” Kwasman said. But as soon as the reporter told him they were YMCA children, Kwasman replied, “they were sad too.” -- What? Uh? Exactly. So how did the children on the YMCA bus really react when the angry mob approached them?

According to the news reports, the YMCA kids were laughing and taking photos of anti-immigrant mob. But Kwasman was sure he saw fearful migrant children. Of course most YMCA kids would be fearful of any approaching protest mob; especially if they were actually migrant children who just fled their country with nothing but the clothes on their back.

Regardless, it appears this legislator might want to, first -- get his facts straight, and second -- consider looking in the mirror when reflecting what compassion is. Pretty sure attempting to yell at a bus load of children seeking humanitarian aid while they flee excessive, sometimes deadly crimes and poverty happening in their homeland is not compassion either.

Kwasman was elected in 2012, and is known to protest against an overreaching government. Really?

According to records he is running in the first congressional district Republican primary against two other candidates. But could his lies caught on camera, and blatant backtracking and cover-up make him lose votes?

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