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Arising Juvenile Gun Violence in Schools

Gun Violence in High Schools
Gun Violence in High Schools

Since the Columbine High School shooting on April 20, 1999 that ended up with a total of twelve students and one teacher dead and at least twenty four other students injured, the gun violence committed by Juveniles has been arising in schools in cities all over the United States of America.

Gun Violence in High Schools isn't the only place the arising gun violence committed by juveniles or young adults has taken place at, gun violence has also risen in elementary schools, day cares, and college campuses across the county.

A majority of the juvenile gun violence committed in schools is committed by juvenile students who attend or attended the school where the gun violence was committed.

Since 2012, Mobile County had over one hundred gun crimes that had been committed by juveniles or had been charged with some type of weapon charge and the Juvenile gun violence in Mobile County Schools has been steadily on the rise since 2012.

Juvenile crime in Mobile County for weapon charges include burglary, assault, robbery, murder, manslaughter, domestic, and many other weapon charges that juveniles are charged with.

Murder and manslaughter are the most heinous crimes committed by juveniles when the subject of Juvenile gun violence is the topic.

Gun violence is not only on the arise in schools but crimes committed with guns has risen in public places like restaurants, malls, parking lots, gas stations, grocery stores, and many other places people used to feel safe at.

According to a article published on April 03, 2013, Alabama took the third spot in the highest rate of gun violence in the country.

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Saturday April 19, 2014 my son, family, friends, and myself celebrated life and the gift of a second chance at life that was given to my son. Two young adults walked into the camping site where my son and his friends were camping and shot my son, another boy, and seriously injured three other boys before the invasion took a deadly turn when one of the attackers was shot and the other attacker surrendered to comfort their dieing accomplice.

The two people that used gun violence to attack my son took many years for my son, his friends, family members, and myself to work through the physical pain, mental pain and trauma from the gun violence that my son experienced and resulted in causing my son to suffer a condition called post traumatic stress disorder that gave him flashbacks, nightmares, anger problems, and other side effects that hunted him on a daily basis for many years after the shooting.

Nineteen years later my son still has a few setbacks because of the gun violence he experienced, but he keeps reminding himself he has something to live for that includes a son, a wife, family, and friends.

Closing Statements:

Our Government leaders are trying to pass a stronger gun control law for people who purchase guns, make it mandatory to register those guns and make it mandatory to register a gun that is bought from a induvial or given as a gift from a induvial.

The problem with a gun control law or any other law is how much enforcement is put into action to insure the law is obeyed and to insure those who break the law get a penality that fits the crime.

It’s not the guns that's doing gun violence crime, it’s the person that is holding the gun and pulling the trigger that is doing the gun violence.

A loaded gun can sit on a shelf for years and it wont kill anyone, but the moment a person picks that loaded gun off the shelf, that person has the choice to shoot that gun, but the gun has no choice other that to fire the bullet when the trigger is pulled.

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