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Aries and Astrological Events in 2014

April is the month of the Aries so in this article we will take a more in depth look at this Sun sign and what 2014 will bring for it. This year will be an exciting one for Aries people, full of new insights and revelations. Uranus passing through Aries – which lasts from 2012 to 2019 – produces all these changes, states, and experiences.

At a certain point during the passing of Uranus through Aries, this planet will form a conjunction with the Sun in the horoscope chart of everyone born under this sign. When this takes place depends primarily on the birth date of those people: if they were born earlier in Aries, the conjunction will happen sooner. However, one thing is certain: throughout these years (2012 - 2019), each and every Aries individual will feel the influence of the passing of Uranus.

Old ideas are challenged by Uranus because it is the planet of insight. It is responsible of the transition made from knowledge to wisdom. Also, it is a symbol of scientific advancement, renewal, and revolution, where new understanding replaces old misconceptions and preconceived ideas. The influence of Uranus is particularly strong in Aries, having the ability to lead to reformation and revolution of thought. Basically, new ideas take the place of old ones.

In the 2014, Uranus is linked to several other planets forming a pattern of aspects which is called a Big Square. This name is due to the square figure they form in the horoscope chart. This Big Square is yet another astrological event that every Aries person will experience in 2014, but particularly those who were born either at the end of March or at the beginning of April.

This Big Square creates a drastic change of mentality, not only in Aries, but in society in its entirety. The cluster is in Capricorn. Therefore, this change is of structural order and its goal – a rather ambitious one – is to solidify domestic life. The square to Uranus proves that the change in thought and that of structure aren’t quite in line, as if the change of structure were driven by a conservative return to old ideas. However, this important change in social force offers Aries plenty of food for thought.

Uranus also has a square aspect to the Medium Coeli of 2014. This may not have a big influence on the private life of Aries individuals, but they may feel a certain frustration concerning government opposition to the new movements and reforms initiated by citizens.

Leaving Uranus aside, Aries will have to wait for a major planetary transit until February of next year, when Mars passes through the sign. This passing of the Red Planet marks a time when each and every Aries will feel empowered. It is not until 2023 that one of the slow planets – and therefore more significant ones – will enter Aries. One such planet is Jupiter, which brings even more good luck to Aries people, making them feel abundant and prosperous.

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