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Ariel Helwani thinks Rousimar Palhares held onto heel hook too long at WSOF 9

According to a March 29 report from Fansided, Rousimar Palhares defeated Steve Carl by inverted heel hook in the main event of World Series of Fighting 9.

Palhares, who was recently cut from the UFC for holding onto dangerous submission moves for too long, earned the ref stoppage at the 1:09 mark of the opening frame.

To most MMA fans, it was a legit win for Palhares and there was no controversy to it.

However, Ariel Helwani, a world-renowned MMA journalist, was bothered by it.

Helwani felt that Palhares held onto the submission move for too long.

Following Palhares' win over Carl, the MMA Fighting reporter went on a rant about it on Twitter.

Rousimar wins via leg lock in seconds. Guess what? Carl tapped feverishly but Palhares only let go once the ref broke it up. Not as controversial as the Pierce fight, but I definitely felt like he could have let go right away. Why not let go? Really bothers me. Not like Carl was being shy about the tap. Such a painful sub, no need to make it worse. I guess that's his appeal at this point.

Analysis: Palhares did hold onto the leg lock for a tad too long, but it wasn't enough to complain about. Palhares is already on a short leash, as World Series of Fighting officials said they will have no tolerance for him holding onto a leg lock for too long.

Palhares already has a bad reputation as being a dirty fighter, so he's trying to get away from that image. Helwani may have just been dramatic to give his readers something to talk about.

Fighters are supposed to stop when a fighter taps, not just when the ref steps in. With that said, Helwani did make some decent points. However, he was being a bit over-dramatic about it.

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