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Arianny Celeste says Ronda Rousey isn't a good role model for women

According to a Feb. 24 post from Bleacher Report, UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste doesn't like how UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey carries herself.

Celeste also believes that Rousey is a poor role model for young ladies across the globe.

Her comments seemed to be more about Rousey's perceived lack of sportsmanship than anything else, as Celeste hinted that she would have liked to see the former Olympian get along with other athletes such as Miesha Tate.

Celeste's "beef" with Rousey seems to date back to 2012, when the star judoka mentioned her as someone who should be behind her on the Maxim "Hot 100" list.

Celeste never responded to Rousey's verbal jab back in 2012, but she apparently hasn't forgotten about it.

Nearly two years later, Celeste finally took a swing back by throwing a verbal pipe bomb at Rousey during a recent appearance on MMA Junkie radio.

I don’t really like the way she carries herself. I don’t think she’s a good role model for women. I think that women should empower each other and give each other a little pat on the back. I’ve personally been talked about by her, and I don’t even know her. I’ve met her twice. She said a couple things in her Maxim interview. A lot of people pointed it out to me, but I didn’t really acknowledge it.

Celeste's jab at Rousey didn't exactly come out of nowhere. Rousey was the one who started it with her insult of Celeste two years ago.

“It would have been really funny if I’d beaten Arianny Celeste, because that would be like a triathlete coming along and beating the runners in a marathon,” Rousey said. “Like, ‘Ha-ha, it’s your job to show your t******—I do that better than you!’ Maybe next year. She’s only getting older, and I’m reaching my prime.”

Celeste says that Rousey should stop being a mean girl. She wants the champ to start being nice.

"She's paving the way for women's MMA, and I've made being a UFC Octagon Girl into a career," Celeste said. "She should definitely recognize that and be nice."

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