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Ariana Grande's 'Problem' at MMVAs? Fan tries to pull star off stage

Ariana Grande definitely had a few problems at the "2014 MuchMusic Video Awards," but singing wasn't one of them. The talented entertainer was the finale performer of the night and she gave a strong performance of her hit “Problem” even though she could have been seriously hurt with an incident caused by a fan on stage. According to "Hollywood Life" on Monday, the star even rapped the part of the song that Iggy Azalea sings on the studio version.

Ariana Grande performs on MuchMusic Video Awards
Photo by Ernesto Distefano/Getty Images

However, her fan problem started about midway through the performance when she was mingling with the crowd. While she was singing her lines, she got down to touch a few people in the crowd (in the video it looked like she was just being friendly.) While the hand pats were a nice gesture, someone in the crowd grabbed her arm and didn't seem to want to let go.

In the performance, Ariana is seem struggling to get her hand released from the overly excited fan. It appears that Grande had to forcible push away to break the hold and she began to teeter on stage like she might have fallen off if the struggle continued. She also gave out a small squeal when she was grabbed and it made everyone stop to look as that wasn't part of the single.

Interestingly, no security is seen holding off the crowd and Grande couldn't just stop the single so she had to keep singing like there wasn't any issues surrounding the moment. As fans watch the replay, it’s obvious that Ariana Grande could have been seriously hurt in the situation and the security for the award show definitely wasn't at the top of their game.

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