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Ariana Grande's grandpa dies; not telling Big Brother's Frankie while on show

Pop singer and television star Ariana Grande announced on her Twitter Tuesday morning that she lost her beloved grandfather yesterday evening after him being ill for several weeks.

Araian Grande grandfather dies
Araian Grande grandfather dies
Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande @ArianaGrande · 11h
I lost you to the summer wind

Ariana Grande @ArianaGrande · 2h
thank you for your continuous love & light over the past few weeks... we did lose my favorite person to ever exist yesterday, my grandpa :'(

Ariana Grande @ArianaGrande · 3h
thaaaanks to my best friends who stayed up with me all night talking and helped me pull myself together temporarily this am. flyin back home

Ariana 21, posted a few weeks ago that she was flying to be with her grandparents and cancelled a Florida appearance to go be with him.

Her brother Frankie Grande is a houseguest on the CBS reality show Big Brother and can have no contact with the outside world while in the house. He has no idea that his grandfather was ill and does not know that he passed away.

Big Brother can inform Frankie of the passing of his grandfather if the family requests it but Ariana posted that they will not be telling him while he is playing the Big Brother game because their grandfather asked that he not be told of his illness;

Ariana Grande @ArianaGrande · 2h
asked grandps last week if he wanted us to pull frankie off bb & he said "no way! he's gotta play the game even tho i don't understand it"

Frankie who is known for his YouTube videos is one of the favorites on the reality show and is in no jeopardy as of now to be evicted from the house.

He has never been nominated for eviction and has been the Head of Household two times already and seems to be in it for the long haul.

Frankie's fellow houseguests on the Big Brother show do not know that Ariana is his sister as he decided not to tell them to better help him in the game. He calls her Ari when talking about her and even got away with only having a picture of Ariana when she was little and in costume makeup when he was HOH.

Frankie is the life and personality on the show and is loved by all of his fellow houseguests though he seems to be playing all sides of the house without anyone being suspicious of him.

Many fans have voiced their opinions on the Big Brother live feeds chatrooms and on social media that Frankie should be informed but as of now from watching the live feeds it seems that he has no idea and if Ariana and family honor their late grandfather's wishes, Frankie will not know until he leaves the show.

We offer Ariana, Frankie, and family our sincere condolences.

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