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Ariana Grande's brother in trouble on ‘Big Brother’? Frankie Grande reveals fame

Ariana Grande is pulling for her brother Frankie on Big Brother
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Frankie Grande is famous and now his competitors on “Big Brother” know the truth. Ariana Grande's brother, Frankie Grande, made a major power move on Sunday night during CBS’s popular show “Big Brother” and it appears this might have been badly timed. According to TMZ on Monday, the announcement that he was he was Ariana Grande's brother appears to have made him be an incredibly unlikable person in the house.

Frankie Grande has been extraordinarily careful not to reveal that he was Ariana Grande's brother during the first few weeks of the show as he thought it would hurt him. Finding the right place and the right time was important as famous people aren't well received in the home as the top prize always seems to be in play. However, it might have been Frankie’s delivery that has his house mates so upset as he made it out to be that he was far more famous than he really is. In fact, it sort of sounded like being Ariana Grande's brother made him a big star.

Frankie Grande wasn't exactly up front with his housemates when he started the game. Calling his sister a different name and conveniently forgetting his occupation, the other contestants thought he was a regular guy looking to win the prize.This probably was the only chance he had to make a statement, but there is still a target on his back for the revelation.

Will Frankie Grande survive on “Big Brother” after revealing his true identity? This question has fans if the rest of the contestants can forgive Frankie for misleading them or if this seals his fate. MTV News is reporting that the secret just might be the key to changing and solidifying his chance at winning the half a million dollar game prize. However the mood in the house isn't easy to predict so anything is possible.

Frankie Grande has to feel good that he has made it so far in the reality competition. The game is tough and he has not had it easy. After hearing news that his grandfather passed away while on the show, it’s obvious he is doing his best to win.

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