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Ariana Grande performs ‘Problem’ on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ (video)

Ariana Grande definitely got the “Dancing With the Starsfans moving on Tuesday night during the big finale show. One of the most entertaining segments of the night, the popular star performed “Problem” with a ballroom full of dancers and the fans loved the song. According to Hollywood Life on Tuesday, Ariana Grande looked as sexy as ever when she hit the stage.

Ariana Grande performs on Dancing With the Stars
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Wearing a very interesting look, the all black, high-waist pants and a crop top was a retro fashion moment that people couldn't miss. While the star seemed in control of the segment, she was wearing a pair of sky-high heels and dancing around the stage like she was in sneakers. The throwback look was impressive and the fans loved to see how the star was so fashionable on the live television show as it had to be hard to dance in the outfit.

One thing that did bother the viewers was the lack of Iggy Azalea. The rapper was part of the song and whenever it plays on the radio both artists are heard in the single. Iggy wasn't on stage and her lines weren't recorded to share so fans assumed there was a serious problem with technical issues. Earlier in the show Iggy had an issue with sound, but even so another earpiece could have been found for the star to share in the moment.

Ariana Grande’s vocals didn't need Iggy’s help to sound good and the star definitely gave one of the best performances of the night. Looking to impress the fans with her angelic vocals and share her latest hit, the fans of “Dancing With the Stars” got a great performance before finding out who won the popular reality show.

Take a look at Ariana Grande perform “Problem” on “Dancing With the Stars.”

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