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Ariana Grande naked photos real? Singer reveals truth about private pictures

Ariana Grande denies nude photos are authentic
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Ariana Grande naked photos are included in the scandal rocking Hollywood on Sunday night. Someone on social media who is currently isn't known but definitely is a hacker, has released dozens of images that were allegedly pictures of young, beautiful Hollywood entertainers. According to People Magazine on Sunday, Jennifer Lawrence confirmed that the pictures of the entertainer were indeed of her, but the pictures of Ariana Grande naked are fake.

The young star released a statement to Buzzfeed on Sunday night refuting the images of genuine pictures of the star. Making it known that the pictures were fake and probably digitally enhanced, this had fans seriously relieved. There is nothing worse than rumored naked photos to see when it comes to appreciating an entertainer.

Currently the master list of all the naked photos of Hollywood stars is over 100 people. With only a few dozen released on Sunday, more is promised in the week ahead. However, the hackers might have forgotten they are leaving a digital trail as they hack personal property. Jennifer Lawrence has already called the cops and there is no doubt every star listed on the list has their attorney and PR agent working to do damage control. Not only is there a level of humiliation when releasing pictures, there is a concern about their image.

As for Ariana Grande naked photos, apparently the images are fake. And that is good for Grande as her privacy is still intact. However Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence and other stars aren't so lucky and have personal images floating around social media for millions to view.

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