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Ariana Grande jealous of Nathan Sykes’ ‘new girl’? Fans giggle at his gal pal

Nathan Sykes gets a new puppy Minnie, but Ariana Grande is not jealous
Nathan Sykes gets a new puppy Minnie, but Ariana Grande is not jealous
Photo by Timothy Hiatt

Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes left their relationship on mutual grounds when they decided not to date anymore. However, leave it to the bloggers to dig up dirt of a relationship that happened over a year ago. According to SugarScape on Thursday Nathan Sykes is having a little fun with his new gal pal, Minnie, and that might make Ariana Grande jealous. Well, maybe for a minute or at least until Ariana finds out that Nathan’s new lady friend is a puppy.

Ariana Grande has made it clear that her relationship with Jai Brooks is back on. After dating Nathan Sykes, the star decided to go back to her steady boyfriend and the fans couldn't be happier for her. The star seems to love sharing cute pictures of the couple and plenty of details (when she wants.) So is it really possible for Ariana to be jealous?

Well, not with the adorable gal pal that Nathan Sykes has picked up. The band member of “The Wanted” has decided to get an adorable new pup named Minnie. According to WetPaint On Friday, the musician introduced the puppy to the fans and even teased how much he was in love with the small puppy. How the fans must have laughed knowing that Ariana Grande would never be jealous of this cute dog. In fact, she might be happy for the star as he has found a new companion that will offer unconditional love.

Of course, with Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes in a good place in their respective relationships, it is safe to point out that neither star will be dating each other again. Perhaps that is reality, but the fans are wishing that it might happen in the future. Minnie probably would like Ariana, but she definitely will point out that her owner already is taken when it comes to walks and park outings.