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Ariana Grande has been saddened by falling out of touch with her father

Ariana Grande has become an overnight sensation. However, it appears not everything in her personal life is as positive for her as she would like it to be. Recently Grande has discussed how difficult it has been falling out of touch with her father reported US Weekly on July 30, 2014.

Ariana Grande performing onstage
Photo by Mike Coppola

At 21 years old Grande has skyrocketed to the top of stardom with her debut solo album "Yours Truly" and her smash hit single "Problem." But not everything in her life is coming up roses. Grande has had to struggle for the past year with a feud with her father, graphic designer Edward Butera. She has said that falling out of touch with her father was the toughest thing she has ever dealt with. Grande has gone on to say the matter is a private affair which happened last year and it took her awhile to be okay with it.

In regard to the falling out with her father Grande says that she has had to accept that it’s okay not to get along with somebody and still love that person. It's been challenging for Grande to cope with such issues in her personal life while maintaining a very public persona. She has shared that it’s tough to spend some of the most important years of her life in front of so many strangers who often appear to want to pick her apart. For Grande insecurity has been the hardest thing she has had to overcome. But she believes everyone her age struggles with that because everyone wants approval and wants to feel they are loved.

Grande says the one of the biggest lessons she has learned in the past few years is being okay with not necessarily having the answers to everything reports E! Online. For the first time in her life she feels she can handle such uncertainties in life well. Grande has shared she used to freak out about things all of the time but now she feels she can handle everything that comes her way with a calm energy.

It appears Grande is really coming along just fine in life and is destined for further success. She is a very attractive and talented young woman. The sharing of her story about her father shows that Grande has a great deal of emotional energy to share alongside her many talents and that's a side of an entertainer fans often appreciate. Getting to know what makes Grande who she is makes her all the more alluring.

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