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Ariana Grande Gets Up Close And Personal With Rihanna's Ex Boyfriend

Ariana Grande got intimate with Chris Brown
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Ariana Grande might have a catfight on her hands if Rihanna ever decides to break up with Drake and go back to her ex, Chris Brown. The teen singer was caught getting up-close and personal with the embattled R&B star -- but relax, it's only for show!

Footage was released of the collab between Ariana and Breezy and it's safe to say the pair look like they are having fun working together. Of course, they have to put on a show but they would make a cute couple...

RapUp has the video of the collab called "Don't Be Gone Too Long". Breezy does his signature dance moves and Ariana looks adorable -- as always -- so basically it's your run-of-the-mill music video.

Have you seen the video? What do you think of Chris Brown and Ariana Grande working together? They seem so opposite but maybe that works in their favor, right?

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