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Ariana Grande dishes on her hair extensions; asks fans for understanding

Ariana Grande's hair is topic of the fans
Photo by John Parra

Ariana Grande has the voice of an angel and she always wear the same hairstyle. It’s no surprise that critics who can find little wrong with her music has been blasting the star for her hair. Well, it’s a shame anyone needs to justify why her hair looks a certain way, but according to the Huffington Post on Sunday, that is exactly what the star did.

Sharing that her hair situation has everything to do with her previous acting job at Nickelodeon and nothing to do with her desire to change it up, it sounds like the artist is in a hairy spot. Apparently the show required her hair to be bleached and colored red every other week on the show Sam & Cat. This harsh treatment ruined her hair and she is waiting to grow it back.

Using hair extensions is Ariana Grande’s choice until her hair grows out and the star is finally comfortable with her look. While it might be a while before Grande is seen rocking a different style, it’s shocking that the star had to explain the situation to the fans.

Ariana Grande definitely has a beautiful voice and whatever hair style the star decides to rock shouldn't be explained to the fans. Or maybe they are not real fans in the first place, but really zealous critics.

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