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Ariana Grande: 'Big Brother 16' reveal could save Frankie in the game

This week Frankie Grande was on the outs with his alliance and stood a good chance of going home from the "Big Brother 16" house. He decided to make a big reveal about how his sister is Ariana Grande and that he is a YouTube sensation. On Sunday, Have You Heard shared about how this can all affect him in the game.

Ariana Grande
Photo by Mike Coppola
Ariana Grande
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV

It honestly appears that the people in the house don't have a problem with Frankie being related to a celebrity. It looks like they are just fine with it and some of them are even starstruck by it all. Victoria is a huge fan of Ariana and has been talking about her during this season of the show.

The people in the house seem to think that they might get to meet Justin Bieber now. Frankie even shared that his sister Ariana should be at the finale so they are hoping to get to meet her. They do seem to have a problem with giving the money to Frankie though. It is obvious he doesn't need it.

His sister Ariana thinks that it will save his game. She went to Twitter to tell fans what she thought about it all. Ariana said, "Frankie might've just saved his game tonight!!! werrk @FrankieJGrande! told his whole truth & apologized for playing dirty like a man. proud." She has also taken over Frankie's Twitter page.

It would be really smart of the people in the house to take Frankie with them to the end of the game. He will probably never get the votes to win it for a few reasons. The fact that he lied to the house is one strike against him, but now everyone knows that this money will not change his life. There is no reason to hand that kind of money to someone like Frankie.

"Big Brother 16" airs new episodes on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights on CBS. Make sure that you check out the new episode tonight. This should be when everyone gets to hear his big reveal if they haven't watched it online or on the live feeds yet.

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