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Ari Voukydis: Best Final Jeopardy answer ever? Handsome player loses with style

Yes, Ari Voukydis is the name of the man this week being honored as giving the possibly best Final Jeopardy answer ever. Recently on the popular “Jeopardy” television show, Voukydis was one of the three contestants given a tough question that he apparently didn’t know the answer to, despite the Final Jeopardy clue. His response, shares the Huffington Post this Friday, June 27, 2014, is so memorable that this self-identified “handsome” man definitely knows how to lose with style.

Ari Voukydis has the best Jeopardy answer ever
Wikimedia Commons

While host Alex Trebek may always seem to know the answers to “Jeopardy” questions, Ari Voukydis isn’t the only person who wasn’t certain of this week’s Final Jeopardy clue. Yet the man, an avid BuzzFeed writer and a teacher at UCB, decided that he would make his brief time on the iconic show a memorable one. Instead of simply guessing or leaving his section blank, this handsome contender opted to go out with some flair.

The hint itself was posed by the “Jeopardy” host to Ari and two other contenders. According to Pop Watch Entertainment Weekly's report, Trebek said to the players, “In 1891, this European said, 'Perhaps my factories will put an end to war sooner than your congresses.'"

Voukydis may not have known the right response after the telltale music played, but his Final Jeopardy answer was nonetheless perhaps one of the brashest, best reactions ever. Losing in a way that can only be considered frankly honest, Ari Voukydis wrote “Who is this ‘handsome’ man?” with a drawn arrow pointing to himself.

The answer elicited quite a few laughs from the audience (not to mention Voukydis’ funny personal reaction with his hands in the air), and the video has already gone viral online. Viewers can check out the attached video at the top of the article. What did you think of the “Jeopardy” player’s induction into the unofficial game show all of fame? Was it the best answer ever in your book? Even Alex Trebek seemed amused for a bit by this "handsome" man's hilarious way of losing with style.

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