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Argentina vs. Germany, World Cup, 2010


The recent past is a team of brotherhood.

With pure land their people created the purest wine. Malbec, such a rich taste, but a very smooth finish that doesn't bite or stab on its way into the body. The land itself gives birth to one of the purest herbs. Yerba mate has so many vital nutrients. The only way to explain its experience is one filled with pure spirit.

I am reminded of true brothers that fight with each other every day, but share pure love on the same field. Their family shared their open love with me during a time when I had no family close by. We drank wine together. We communed with Mate together. We bled and cried for our game together. We created a team together. We were victorious together. But my past led me away, forcing me to face it.

Argentina's women are beautiful. As a people, their passion and spirit are pure. They fight until the end for what they believe in. Watch a Boca/River game and it's clear that this is true. I hoped that they would win. Even though they had the best offense on the planet (arguably), it takes twelve men to win a soccer game (no, that's not a typo, I said twelve).


Then Germany takes me into a deeper part of my past. Their country has a dark history with two world wars centered around their country. Over the past couple of years, hearing and feeling people, I am not sure the war ever ended. I overheard today that the TV was invented by the Nazi's to control the public's mind. I remember hearing about soldiers marching through Russia loaded with Crystal Meth. I believe the US is still at war with both the TV and Crystal Meth...

I remember my good friend being called a Nazi when he was fifteen years old. It pained me that an innocent teenager would be verbally raped because of his country's past. He returned to his country to honorably serve ten years in their military.

This war is subtle. It is between people in the freest of countries. It is within people with the purest of hearts. But we are all still fighting. Women and children are still dying.  People are still wildly insane.

Germany also has very beautiful women. As a people, their spirit is strong and honest. I would never consider them to be overconfident or arrogant. Their game is smart and patient. They control themselves until the end. Proof showed itself today as they waited for Argentina to collapse. The last three goals almost created themselves, the ball practically walked its way in.

A trip that I will never forget was one to Germany, and this game of futbol took me there today. The Madison Shockers sent over their top guys team and top girls team.  I was welcomed with open arms by a very loving family. I was treated to the best beer I have ever tasted.  We were all freed from all pain; physical, psychological and emotional. We shared moments together that were unique to anything we would ever experience. There was no war in our hearts. There was no reason to fight. We all cried in the airport while we waited for our flight home. We cried all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. We cried because deep within our hearts we knew it would be a long time, if ever, until we would feel that pure again.

When the real becomes surreal, this game changes in ways that only those breathing with the world catch a glimpse of.  What a gift it is to share the experience of countries coming together. I was rooting for Argentina. Germany went out with a defensive formation. The cohesion of Argentina was truly lacking. Their passion could not break through the German defense.  I began to feel the passion and the hearts of my brothers in sport, imagining them pulling for their home country. I was with them.

I haven't seen my German family in ten years and I forgot that they were watching the very same game.  I hope to see my Yerba brothers very soon.  And today, during 90 minutes, I was able to share the same space with both families.  I was able to reminisce on the times that were shared between all of us. I was able to be closer to all of them than ever before. Our hearts align as we breathe, yell, laugh and cry over the same game at the same time. And I am physically alone, at home, feeling so blessed that I am able to appreciate such a pure sport. Now I'm off to play.

This is my therapy, as words do not communicate these feelings between people. Space and time do not separate people (proven fact). This is one big family.

Much love.


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