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Argana Vita Kessa gloves: scrub, scrub away

Argana Vita Kessa Gloves
Argana Vita Kessa Gloves
D. Cognee

Argana Vita Kessa gloves are an incidental find for me: I was on the hunt out for Argana Vita argan oil (more to come!). Kessa gloves are made in Morocco and have a rich history in the Turkish culture. Turkish bath, or Hammam, is a variant of the popular Roman saunas and steam baths.

The scrubbing takes place after the bathing process, before a final rinse through. Skin is damp (not wet). The rough, webbed fabric is rubbed slowly and firmly across skin surfaces throughout the upper and lower body, front and back.

This fabric is a perfect texture to exfoliate with, along with other additional benefits. Exfoliation for the body is just as important as for the face. Noted health benefits for face exfoliation are also included for body exfoliation. In both, the dead cells in the top layer of skin are removed, which is usually noted as dry and flaky skin. The removal of dead cells also helps clear dirt and sweat better, especially needed after exposure to LA’s air. This leaves more smooth and radiant skin. Rinse with water and dry off. Finish off with a moisturizer to make sure sensitive areas receive proper hydration, as this therapy may be harsh on certain areas.

Additional benefits include stimulating and enhancing blood and lymphatic circulation. Improved blood circulation increases the vitality of the body from within. Better lymph circulation clears the body of toxins and improves the functioning of the immune system. Finally, it is a self-massage: after demanding days, it's the perfect way to de-stress.

What sets the Kessa glove aside from other types of exfoliators out on the market today is its ability to reach very specific places on the body. The gloves get to the finer areas, including between fingers and toes, and gives the wearer better coordination over the fabric. The glove itself is not fitted for a specific hand size and may be a problem for smaller hands. Elisabeth Yvrot, Argana Vita’s Managing Director, gave some helpful advice. She recommends flexing the hand a little. This will curve the hand, which helps to keep the glove on. The fabric itself is not too rough, and the most superficial touch only feels like a tingle. It is up to the wearer of the glove to decide on the strength of force for the most beneficial exfoliating effects. After only the first use, my arms definitely felt smoother (my most worrisome areas). Mentally, I also felt more alert. With a few more uses, my coordination with the glove improved. Final result- my skin began to radiate after the sessions, very much like the results after exfoliating sessions to my face.

The only difficulty with a Kessa glove is maneuvering the back portions. Yvrot gave me specific methods to get around the trouble: Use both hands to reach the top and bottom of both sides of back. Stretching hands and scrubbing with the back of hands (not the palm) gives access to the upper middle of the back as well. This should get all of the backside, even without visual guidance.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to incorporate the Kessa glove into my skin care regime. To try this brand for yourself, check out the link below!

+ Argana Vita Kessa Gloves

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