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Aretha Franklin Chap Oscar Salutes The Queen

Precious Lord Take My Hand
Precious Lord Take My Hand
Oscar Smith Photos

Worldwide- We live in a post-verbal society that communicates through images and thank God that BET Network Honored The Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin who is the namesake of my email and FB page R-E-S-P-E-C-T aka Reese Smith. As a child my Aunt Louise was a big fan of James Cleveland in fact she had every album he made. I remember the Precious Lord solo she sung as part of the Southern California Mass Choir. A lifetime of worship emanates from a raw passion for God. Aretha is the very picture of a LIFESTYLE of WORSHIP. She has always had a total confidence in God. Aretha has courageous faith and I also enjoy listening to Pink Cadillac and her many other RB body of works. Aretha drinks deeply of the truths of God's Words. Like you I appreciated the Nelson Mandela Tribute very much. Aretha has a voice as the sound of many waters would you agree? She just warms my heart with whatever she sings. We are inundated with activities galore we all have many irons in the fire. Activities in some instances are done purely for activity's sake. Aretha never diverted her attention from the Blessed Hope! Nobody But Nobody sings Amazing Grace like Aretha Franklin. Thank you BET for honoring the Queen of Soul.

Aretha, has established a link to your music catalog this was my Queen Marsha and myself little way of honoring you because my Aunt Louise has gone on to be with the Lord but she would have said have a little "R-E-S-P-E-C-T.