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Aerospace superholding in Russia to develop miltary hypersonic technologies

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Tactical Missiles and Military-Industrial Corporation (NPO Mashinostroyenia) will merge together to become an aerospace “superholding” devoted to the field of hypersonic technology development, according to

A “superholding” in this case relates to a "mega merger" between two giant defense corporations in Russia.

"It's not only the integration of brains and the industrial potential. In the future, we will need to think about the test site ... We believe that with the help of this association, rather than takeover, we can accelerate the work in the field of hyper sound," said Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s deputy prime minister in charge of the military industrial complex, about the plans for the new superholding (see article: Russia tries to catch up with USA's level of hypersonic weapons

Russia is already developing hyper and supersonic technologies and is heavily involved in the military evolution of drone warfare (see article: NPO Molniya designing new hypersonic pilotless craft in Russia ).

More about the two corporations involved in this case.

Military Industrial Corporation is a “Research and industrial association of machine building” (MIC “NPO Mashinostroyenia”) was founded in pursuance of the Russian Presidential decree No. 1161dated September 13, 2004 regarding “open joint stock company Military Industrial Corporation - "Research and industrial association of machine building” and decree No.865 of the Russian Government dated December 29, 2004.

The head of the Military Industrial Corporation is Alexander Georgievich Leonov, Director General and Designer General. Top management of this organization include the following individuals: Alexander Semaev, Anatoly Khromushkin, Michael Crishko, Alexander Dercacheu, Vyacheslav Martynov (source: ).

These men are expected to play critical roles in the new superholding.

Tactical Missiles Corporation was created in 2002 on the basis of Zvezda-Strela federal state unitary enterprise. The corporation includes a number of companies that produce highly efficient missiles, guided bombs and air, land and sea-based arms systems.

See also : Tactical Missiles Corporation ( ).

The new superholding will have a long way to go to catch up with the United States, which borrows lavishly to fund hypersonic weapon development, even in times of record deficit spending (see video: DARPAs Hypersonic Nuke Glider the 'Falcon' test flight (Apr 23, 2012) ).