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Arena Football One becomes Arena Football League

The AF1 is now the AFL
The AF1 is now the AFL

The Arena Football One (AF1) league has yet to begin its first season and there has already been a name change.

Granted, this is likely for the better.

The AF1 will now be known as the Arena Football League (AFL), and the AFL will officially re-launch under the guidance of league Commissioner Jerry Kurz and the Gridiron group.

Gridiron was created along with Arena Football and the group includes Arena Football inventor Jim Foster. Kurz and William (Bill) Niro are also members of the group.

The AF1 bought the bankrupt AFL's assets and obtained the right to the league's name. 

The league will feature some teams from the former AFL cities, such as Orlando, Phoenix, Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Chicago, Dallas, and Salt Lake City.

Although most of the ownership groups have changed in these cities, the team names were also included in the assets sale.

The only team that will be changing their nickname will be the Dallas franchise. While the league owns the name "Desperados", former owner Jerry Jones owns all merchandising rights. We all know that without merchandise, money can not be made.

Huntsville, Alabama will house the Alabama Vipers for their 11th season of football in the Rocket City.

The Vipers will join Spokane (Wa.), Bossier-Shreveport (La.), Miwaukee, Des Moines (Ia.), Tulsa (Ok.), and Oklahoma City as former arenafootball2 league teams in the newly formed AFL.

The former AFL was forced into bankruptcy after the league attempted to become a major league sport with major league salaries, but could not.

The new AFL will force teams to pay a salary of $400 per game, with three players earning $1,000 per game as franchise players.

The business model will also be a single entity model, similar to that of Major League Soccer.

The AFL will also be shown live on Friday nights via the NFL Network.

More to come on that in my next article.


  • Cohen 5 years ago

    Not a real sport; noone cares but rednecks w/ IQ below 80...

  • Chris 5 years ago

    Thanks for your comment. And thanks for your concern for something no one cares about. I would like to invite you to an Alabama Vipers game, as my guest, and if you don't think this is a real sport with real athletes, I can let our QB Andrico Hines throw you a pass and IF you catch it, see if you can get past Eric Scott before he tears your head off.

    But hey, the 5k people that pack the VBC when the Vipers play...they don't care.

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