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Area Crippled By Ice Storm

Ice storm downs trees
Ice storm downs trees
Joanne Durann

The Bucks County area was crippled by last nights ice storm. Most schools closed and over 623,000 residents went without power for most of the day. As of 5:00 pm tonight more than 578,000 were still without power and heat, with temperatures dipping below 20 degrees tonight PECO is doing whatever they can to get power restored.

PECO sources state that they have over 3,500 employees working on the problem with 1,500 field employees including 200 crew members from their sister company in Chicago. They are urging people to report power outages at 1-800-841-4141.

Area schools, such as Council Rock School District, are already closed because if they have power they are being used as shelters for those who do not.