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Area clergy makes snow angels to benefit their churches (VIDEOS)

Area clergy becomes snow angels to benefit their churches

When it snows, a lot of people love to play in the snow. Some people use themselves to make a snow angel as Rev. C.C. Jackson, her husband Pastor Micah Jackson, and other pastors did on Thursday, Feb. 13.

A snow angel is a design, made in fresh snow, by lying on one's back and moving one's arms up and down, and one's legs from side to side, to form the shape of an angel.

Making snow angels is a common childhood game even though it did not keep Rev. C.C. Jackson of Seventh Street Memorial Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia to come up with a creative idea to take advantage of all the fallen snow to benefit her church's building fund.

On Wednesday, Feb. 12, Rev. C.C. posted a "Snow Challenge" on her Facebook page. She stated that she would wear shorts and a t-shirt and make a snow angel if people would donate over $500 online. Then she promised to post a video of her doing it.

Rev. Jackson kept her Facebook friends up to date as the funds came in. Several people tried to talk her out of it because it was so cold. In just one day, the goal had been met and the video was posted on Facebook.

How did Rev. Jackson come up with the idea?

Rev. Jackson said:

"Well, a few weeks ago I saw people doing it just for fun. I told them I was too old to do it, but I enjoyed watching them! When it began to snow, I started thinking about my church and a fun way to raise some money! Since it was something they never thought I would do, I put it out there that if we raised $500 in online donations, I would do it! When I put the challenge out they did it, and so I did it! Then Daddy [her husband who is the pastor] said for $1,000 he would do it, so he ended up doing it too!

Congratulations to Rev. C.C. for her creative idea and for keeping her promise to make the snow angel. In fact, she shared that she did it twice because the video messed up the first time.

After Rev. C.C. and her husband raised money for their church, three other area pastors joined the "Snow Challenge" for their own churches. They were Bishop Michael B. Curtis of Cathedral of Judah, Pastor Aamon R. Miller and Pastor S Geoffrey Monts of Kingdom Life Tabernacle in Colonial Heights, Virginia.

It will not be a surprise if other pastors will use this idea the next time it snows to not only prove that they can have fun but also to use it as a ministry enhancer for their church.

To view the videos, click on the links.

Rev. C.C. Jackson (26 seconds)

Pastor Micah Jackson (47 seconds)

Bishop Michael Curtis (24 seconds)

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