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Are your kids and their friends continually bickering?

Alyssa & Molly
Alyssa & Molly

Those daily annoying minor squabbles can drive you crazy! But as crazy as it seems it’s really best to let most of it go. If you’ve already taught your child about sharing, turn taking, problem solving and cooperation when they were younger, then they often already know what to do.
Many siblings argue and bicker a lot. But if nothing hurtful is being said about the others appearance, behavior, character or abilities then they need to solve it themselves. Don’t allow teasing or cruelty (physical or mental)! But if the arguments are about who got to the room first, who got the pajamas on first or what TV show is the best, that’s just something to ignore.
Children often get into the habit of running to their parents to have them solve everything! If you keep intervening, they won’t learn the valuable skills of compromise and cooperation. These are life skills and your children have a built in training ground at home!
Your children may be arguing about wanting to watch different TV programs. When your children come to you for the “rescue” you may say something such as “I see that you’re both really mad. You want to watch one thing and your sister wants to watch something else. I’m sure that you two could come up with something that is fair to both of you.” Then turn the problem back to them! You’ll be letting them know that you’re confident that they can work it out!
Sometimes children will work through their situations and sometimes they won’t! If it gets loud and heated just send them to separate areas to calm down (and for a little peace yourself). Don’t worry; they’ll be another “squabble opportunity” for them to learn to work it out another time!


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