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Are your Botox treatments going to be more expensive in 2014?

Allergan the maker of Botox Cosmetic just announced an increase in the cost of Botox as of January 1, 2014. Does this mean your next Botox treatment may cost you more for 2014? Botox prices have had a steady increase since 1997 and have stayed the same over the last few years until now. A 3% increase in the cost of Botox for 2014 may make your next treatment a little more expensive. Some offices may decide not to increase prices due to competitive pricing but will make up costs in other areas. Currently prices for Botox are usually charged by the unit on average $10 -$16 per unit. The increase in price goes hand and hand with the increase in demand. Although new competitors have hit the market over the last few years the demand for Botox is still on the rise. New FDA approval for crow’s feet in 2013 has opened the doors for newcomers to try Botox for the first time. Although Botox has been used off label for crow’s feet many consumers were not aware that this area could be improved and has become a popular request for first time Botox patients. To save the most on your next Botox treatment make sure to sign up for Brilliant Distinctions and find a participating provider in your area.