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Are you working yourself single?

Don't let your dedication to work push you further away from relationship happiness.
Don't let your dedication to work push you further away from relationship happiness.
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In these times, a working woman is respected. She is determined, ambitious, and capable of taking over the world. The working woman gets up and proudly goes to work to make a living for herself and her loved ones. The days of men wanting a stay at home wife are almost extinct, as many are moving towards splitting house duties and financial responsibility. Because of this and many other reasons, the independent working woman population has grown in extreme numbers over time. However, it is this same mentality that could possibly be hindering your chances at having a successful relationships.

It's very easy to let your career consume you, especially if it is a high-stress job with long hours. We follow our daily routine of getting up, going to work, and returning home to rest and do it all over again without even noticing that by the end of the week work is all engaged in. There's nothing wrong with working long hours, but it's important to still maintain some sort of balance between work and a social life if you want to have any potential relationship of substance. If you're never leaving your home unless it involves clocking in, you drastically reduce your chance of running into a potential partner. Otherwise, the only mates you'll ever have are your coworkers, and we all know that making a habit out of dating coworkers isn't the greatest idea.

Another way that your work dedication can possibly hinder your potential for a relationship is your mindset. Everyone knows that when you work hard, you go home pooped. Sometimes you leave work with a bad attitude. A lot of times the stress we take on at work carries over into our personal life.This stress and grouchy attitude we sometimes tend to have after work can be enough to make others feel unwelcome or unappreciated. No one likes to talk to and be around a grouch, so more than likely neither will a potential suitor. Keeping your attitude in check is very important. Be sure you're not projecting onto anyone else just because you've had a long, stressful day.

There are different ways to make sure you don't work yourself out of finding relationship happiness. One way is to schedule activities to engage in weekly that involve interaction with others outside of the workplace. This will give you a chance not only to unwind, but to also engage in activities that may help to relieve stress and lift your spirits. This is also a great way to meet new people, instead of always being surrounded by coworkers.

Another way to avoid being consumed by work is to make sure you are open to dating. Stop using your "busy, stressful work schedule" as an excuse for why you can't accept a date with those guys that are pursuing you. You will never know how compatible you may be with someone if you never give them a fair chance of interaction. Instead of grabbing for your bath robe and tv remote after work, go home and grab a cute dinner outfit and your phone, and take a chance by finally saying "yes". You don't have to sleep with anyone or stay out late. It's not a marriage proposal, it's just a date. This is a nice way to clear your mind of all the chaos of the workplace, and possibly work on exploring your compatibility with potential mates.