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Are You Valid?

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What do these words have in common and what do these words have to do with you?

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Valid, validate, invalid, invalid….(

Now before we go on to examine this question further, I want to point out the fact that, yes you see the word invalid twice; however, the first one is the word used to negate the word valid whereas the second one was what we called someone who was not capable of caring for themselves and often times used to describe someone who could not walk. I know this word quite well because my father was often called an invalid because of his experience with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS.
Again I ask what do these words have to do with you?

Looking at my own life I would answer that those words often at times reflected my feelings of in adequacy, low self-worth, low self-esteem, lack of self acceptance, and the deep embedded belief that I needed something or someone outside of myself to not only make me feel valid but to in fact validate me because I could not validate myself.
Therefore, we seek the next relationship, the next sexual conquest, job, degree, skill and ability, etc. to feel validated. Note that a great many of the things we desperately seek in order to feel worthy i.e., valid, come from an outside source.

There are many things in mass mind that are reflected in all our mass media that reflect, demonstrate, and speak to the facts that as a species where we're only just beginning to learn that nothing from the outside can make us whole, worthy, loved, accepted, or valid. In truth we are valid simply because we are! We would not exist in form if we were not valid. The universe or God, spirit or Bob whatever you choose to call it, manifested and individualized itself in human form as you how could you not be valid!?
Let the intention for today simply be to “Be valid.”

Simply affirm now accept, and allow that you are valid because the more you acknowledge and affirm this truth, the more you will feel it and the more you feel it from the inside, the more you will see it mirrored in your outside experiences.

BE Love



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