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Are You Utilizing Your Technology Properly

do you really need that new gadget?
do you really need that new gadget?
Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Recently a few people in my life decided to make major life changes concerning their health. During numerous conversations I found the people in my circle had no idea how to use the technology at their disposal to their benefit. One person decided to purchase a heart rate monitor and fitness watch when her smart phone could easily perform the same functions she decided to spend hundreds of dollars to accomplish.

I am guilty of over using gadgets when I could easily use one item to complete the task of many. I have two laptops, one tablet and a smart phone. I only recently started using my second laptop because it is easier to carry around. I am not a fan of Mac, however I am using one to post this.

Mind you my other laptop is inches away.

Before you buy your next gadget, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is my current phone/table/computer obsolete? I recently upgraded my phone because it simply was too slow. It no longer worked properly on the network I was on. In my case I had to upgrade. However, if you need a new phone each year or whenever you see your favorite brand has a new release; you may be a technology junkie.
  2. Can my current gadget perform the functions I am out spending more money to handle? I have an ipod in my car. It is old however it still works. Recently I purchased a blue tooth adapter so my radio could play the music from it. The connecting audio wire went on it so I connected my phone to the adapter and now I am using Google Play Music to stream my entire library. Eventually I will spend the couple of bucks to replace my cord; however I am loving my musical freedom.
  3. Do I have the money? If you have to decide between paying your rent and buying the gadget, you may want to find a better way to accomplish your technological goals.
  4. Have you searched for alternatives and deals? You can easily save hundreds of dollars by simply purchasing an app or comparing prices.

I know we all want the newest and best gadgets out there, but we must exercise common sense.

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