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Are you ugly? Weird looking? Then become a model

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Ever been told you are odd looking? Ugly? Fat?

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Well, there's a modeling agency looking for you, and in a rare chance, they're going to be searching for new models in the heart of the San Fernando Valley on Saturday, Aug. 30.

The Ugly Models Agency is based in London, and it's impossible to just walk in and get an appointment, so the local look for a unique look is a rare opportunity. The auditions are being held at the Bunim/Murray Production offices.

According to their spokesperson:

We like our men and women overweight and geeky, we like physical disabilities, we like the extremely tall and the shockingly small, from trannies to grannies, burlesque to bikers, wee folk to rock blokes! We want the rare and most eye-catching individuals. No one is too abstract for our books! We are the leaders in character modeling.

We like our women fat and our men geeky, we like the extremely tall and the shockingly small. No one is too abstract for our books! We are Ugly. And we are the leaders in character modeling.

Anyone can be airbrushed. This agency is looking for people with "true character.”

They have more than 1,000 models of every age, weight, size and color, including piercings and tattoos of every kind. Many of the models signed up with the agency have made the Guinness Book of World Records. The agency has been around since 1969 and they hold auditions in different parts of the world every year-and-a-half.

For more information, go to:

11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
6007 Sepulveda Blvd
Van Nuys, Calif., 91411

The whole idea is for people who have been called "ugly, fat, nerd, freak, etc. to not succumb to feeling insecure," according to their website. "Beauty cannot be judged objectively, it's an opinion."

On a personal note, my former housemate and longtime friend sent me the Craig's List ad about this modeling search and suggested we both go try it, since we're both looking for work. I was shocked and insulted at first, especially since I always thought he was geekier than me, but then, who knows? We could be discovered.


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