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Are you toxic?

Toxins are everywhere in our world today. Pollution, pesticides, chemicals in the food we consume, chemicals in our dry cleaning, women’s makeup, and the list goes on and on. When our bodies absorb too many toxins, it can't function as well as it should. Combine that will poor eating habits and a lack of movement, you have a formula for disaster. It may not happen today, next month, or even next year but it will eventually catch up with you.


In my research and education, I found a link between fat loss and toxicity. The fat on our body acts as a storage area for toxins. Internal fat, known as visceral fat, is the most dangerous of all fat as it wraps itself around our organs. Think about you being shrink wrapped and having to walk around all day. Not too comforting, is it? Increased fat and the toxins it stows may cause an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, and high triglycerides to name a few.

I was in that exact scenario. Obese, minimal exercise, and eating all the wrong foods. Everything took precedence over my health. Sure, I’d hear tie bits in the news and periodicals about toxin this and toxin that but didn’t really pay much attention to it until I was diagnosed with diverticulitis.

As I started working out and eating better, some of the fat came off but it was an uphill battle. I later learned that my difficulty in losing my body fat was primarily due to my toxicity. Once I began detoxifying my body and my organs, my liver and pancreas could do their job more easily. Following a healthy diet with exercise, I was then able to see the pounds shed more easily. To date, I’ve lost 67 pounds of fat and toxins!

There are so many cleansing products on the market today that you really have to be careful about their quality, ingredients and safety. Many of them are like drinking carpet cleaner. Not good for the body! If you have a medical ailment, I highly recommend talking with your doctor before starting a full body cleanse. The cleanse I use is made up of all natural ingredients - berries, herbal supplements, and minerals, and is not just a colon cleanser. It cleanses at the cellular level - releasing free radicals and toxins from my body and allowing the cells to do their job more efficiently. In my opinion, this cleanse is the fountain of youth!

Cleansing is great but what if you consistently eat sugary, salty and high fat foods? I still believe that the cleanse is a start to better health and nutrition but in a future article, I will explain that losing the fat is a process of mental conditioning. We’ve been abusing our bodies for so many years that it makes eating the right foods a more difficult task. Many people suffer from emotional eating and find themselves back in the same place (or worse place) than they were before they started.

I hope that this information is eye opening to some of my readers. I know that this information has been around for quite some time but when you’re overweight or obese, you just don’t take this information to heart until you’re mentally prepared to plant your stake in the ground and make a commitment to improve your well being.

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